Saturday, June 14, 2008

True Story of Smart People and Ordinary People.

A story to share, here its goes.....

A man walked into one of the largest bank in New York and heading to the loan department, got into the manager room and sit down.

Q: "How may i help you, sir? " Loan manager smile at the man at the same time looking at the man that well dressed with branded clothes and luxury watch.'

A: "I wanna borrow some money." The man replied.

Q: "No problem , sir. How much you intend to borrow?"

A: "USD1" the man says.

Q: "Only USD1?"

A: "Yup, only USD1, can i?"

Q: "Of course u may, sir. As long as u have assets to pledge for, you are most welcome."

A: "Excellent, can i pledge these?" The man is taking out his bundle of share and bond certificate and put on the table.

A: " USD 5 million in total, is it enough?"

Q: "Sure, sure Sir. But... for real that u want to borrow only USD1? U can have more!"

A: "You are right, i only want USD1."

Q: "If it is so, let me acknowledge you the charge impose. The bank will charge 6% per annum. As long as you are agree to the offer and make the require payment a year later, we will give back all your crtificate in order."

A: "Good, thanks you for the arrangement." the man answer.

After completing all the signing process, the man walk out from the bank and left the puzzling loan manager cracking head and thinking of what is inside the man's mind.

*Folk, can u guess why the man do so??? (Scroll down for answer, LOL)

*The man is in depth smart dude. This man purpose is to store his precious and valuable thingie in a security place. If he were to place it at the bank security box, then the rental for the security box is much more expansive compared to the way he approach the bank which just cost him 6 cents for the same purpose!

*The moral of the story is, we have to view an issue in different angle,LOL.