Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here In My Home

Only few song is in my list but this song is in, and is Malaysia Make.

Proud of U Malaysia Artistes and For who is involved..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Prudential Q1 92% drop in net income.

Foreign News, Starbiz Friday 2 May 2008. Prudential Q1earnings tumble, 92% drop in net income as market investments plunge....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unique Architecture

The Lamp Pillar is place infront of house main door..

It's makes the house looks brighter, i guess, LOL

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fish Spa Location.

The Fish Spa Shop name is Happy Feet.

Location is at:

Fish Spa.

Fish Spa!! It have been in Malaysia and worldwide, but is only recently it come to Georgetown, Penang.

If you like to experience the feel of fish Eaten, then u should try it.. is very Fun.

Those little fish called Garra Rufa, origin is from hot spring in Turkey where they call this fish as 'Doctor Fish'.

Those little fish will eat your dead skin..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

True Story of Smart People and Ordinary People.

A story to share, here its goes.....

A man walked into one of the largest bank in New York and heading to the loan department, got into the manager room and sit down.

Q: "How may i help you, sir? " Loan manager smile at the man at the same time looking at the man that well dressed with branded clothes and luxury watch.'

A: "I wanna borrow some money." The man replied.

Q: "No problem , sir. How much you intend to borrow?"

A: "USD1" the man says.

Q: "Only USD1?"

A: "Yup, only USD1, can i?"

Q: "Of course u may, sir. As long as u have assets to pledge for, you are most welcome."

A: "Excellent, can i pledge these?" The man is taking out his bundle of share and bond certificate and put on the table.

A: " USD 5 million in total, is it enough?"

Q: "Sure, sure Sir. But... for real that u want to borrow only USD1? U can have more!"

A: "You are right, i only want USD1."

Q: "If it is so, let me acknowledge you the charge impose. The bank will charge 6% per annum. As long as you are agree to the offer and make the require payment a year later, we will give back all your crtificate in order."

A: "Good, thanks you for the arrangement." the man answer.

After completing all the signing process, the man walk out from the bank and left the puzzling loan manager cracking head and thinking of what is inside the man's mind.

*Folk, can u guess why the man do so??? (Scroll down for answer, LOL)

*The man is in depth smart dude. This man purpose is to store his precious and valuable thingie in a security place. If he were to place it at the bank security box, then the rental for the security box is much more expansive compared to the way he approach the bank which just cost him 6 cents for the same purpose!

*The moral of the story is, we have to view an issue in different angle,LOL.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Easy Step To Get Fuel Rebate

Fuel subsidy rebate will start by 14 June 2008 until March 31, 2009.
For those who bought new car or renewed road tax between 1st of April and 31 of May can start get your rebate by tomorrow.
For those after 1st of June will only claim your rebate from 1 of July.
Easy Step to Get Fuel Rebate:
1. Go to any Post Office.
2. Bring Your I/C.
3. Provide your car registration no.
4. Fill in money order form.
Is so Easy...:)

Monday, June 9, 2008

How much this paper money worth?

Toninght, i was sending my girl friend to one of the local bank to withdraw money to pay off her credit card.

When she makes the payment with the deposit machine, one of the RM50 is not recognize by the machine, and been reject. After many time trying then she take out d money and found out that the GABENOR face is seperated into 2. Opps....

Do you see it ?

This money is withdrawn from one of Malaysia Local Bank ATM Machine. Wondering whether the bank has do the neccessary to ...

Friday, June 6, 2008


KUALA LUMPUR, Thursday – Pos Malaysia Berhad (PMB) announced that in line with decision made by the Government on fuel subsidy, PMB has been appointed as the agent for disbursement of this subsidy to eligible vehicle owners. Eligible Malaysians can start to claim the subsidy at all 686 post offices countrywide effective on 1 July 2008.

As announced by the Government, vehicles with valid Road Tax from 1 April 2008 until 31 March 2009 are entitled for the annual subsidy. Owners of cars up to 2,000 cc as well as pick-up trucks and jeeps up to 2,500 cc will receive RM625 for each vehicle. Motorcycles up to 250 cc will receive RM150 each.

Vehicle owners who come personally to make the claim at post offices shall be paid in cash. Those who appoint third parties to claim on their behalf shall receive the Money Order that will be mailed directly to the owner’s address that is furnished to PMB when making the claim.

Further details of the procedures and related documents required for the claim will be announced soon.

“PMB, through its extensive network of 686 post offices countrywide will be ready to serve our customers in handling the subsidy payments in a convenient and timely manner,” said Datuk Abu Huraira Abu Yazid, Acting Managing Director / Group Chief Executive Officer of PMB.

For more information, are welcomed to contact PMB’s Customer Service Centre through PosLine at 1-300-300-300 (except on the 1st Saturday of the month) or visit our website at or the nearest post office should they have any enquiries or feedbacks.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. Juseleeno

Mr. Juseleeno

Monday, June 2, 2008

End of The World

Mr. Juseleeno, born in 1960(reportedly still alive in 2008), is a Brazilian who has made many predictions, and MOST have come to pass, including Princess Diana's death by car accident (which is instigated by someone near her and will probably unfortunately be written off as a car accident), 911 and the 2004 Indonesian tsunami. He sees the future in his dreams, and has an average of 3 to 9 such predictions per day. When he wakes up, he will write them down, and send warnings to those concerned. If it concerns only a normal individual, he will write a letter to warn him/her. If it is a famous person(celebrity, politician etc.), or matters concerning the public, he will not only send it to the individual himself/herself, but also related agencies, government, and media. He urged the media to publicise these predictions, but the reply always went along the lines of rejection for fear of arousing public panic.
Future predictions:

2008, July: There will be an earthquake in Japan, which will cause a tsunami of 30 plus metres high to occur as well.

2008, 18th September: An earthquake with magnitude of approximately 9.1 will rock China , simultaneously causing a tsunami of more than 30 metres to occur, resulting in the deaths of more than 1 million people. Although this huge earthquake will happen after the Olympics have ended, there will be a series of relatively smaller earthquakes occurring in China before the huge earthquake. The China government, which is more concerned with the success of the Olympics, will most likely neglect to employ appropriate cautionary measures, thus the high casualty rate. If the China government does not publicise the occurrence of these minor earthquakes and evacuate people, the number of deaths will be as predicted.

2008, 17th December: terrorist attack in America

2010: The temperatures in some countries of Africa could be as high as 58 degrees Celsius, and there will be a serious shortage of water.

2010, 15th June: The New York Stock Exchange market will fail, causing an international financial crisis.

2011: The research on the treatment of some cancers will be completed, but a new life-threatening virus will appear. People who are infected will die after only approx. 4 hours of coming into contact with the virus.

2013, 1st – 25th November: Research on treatment of cancers, except for brain tumors, will be completed. An earthquake, caused by volcanic eruptions, will happen on Bahama Island of the Canary Islands. A gigantic tsunami of roughly 150 metres will result. America mainlands, Brazil etc. will be affected, with the tsunami pushing into the land as far as 15 to 20 kilometres. Before the occurrence of this gigantic tsunami, the sea/ocean water levels will sink by about 6 metres, and large flocks of birds will start to migrate.

2014: A small planet that has been gradually closing in on Earth might eventually collide with Earth, and this collision, if come to pass, will affect the survival of humans as a whole.

2015: By the mid of November, the average temperature of Earth could be as high as 59 degrees Celsius. Many people will die from the overheat, and international confusion and terror ensues.

2016, April: A huge typhoon will invade China, causing massive damage. The 43rd USA president, George Walker Bush, will enter the hospital, and faces a life or death situation.

2026, July: A super earthquake will occur in Sans Francisco, and it will be named "The Big One". Huge damage to surrounding areas. Many volcanoes will re-activate, and the height of resulting tsunami will be more than 150 metres.

Mr. Juseleeno made known his predictions in hopes that people will take heed of his warnings, so that these disasters may be avoided. He hopes there will be a major change in the thinking of people's mindsets in the time period 2007 – 2008. One factor will be the environmental issue of global warming, which is more serious than what some meteorologists assume.