Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet The Thailand

Today i'm going to Bangkok by airasia. "AirAsia can make everyone dream come True", with just a little of money and effort. However you must take some risk, because AirAsia flight can be delay of cancel..

As Today i should have morning flight but it cancel so i have to take everning flight. Mean my plan at Bangkok need to change n sacrify some of my plan... This Is Air Asia, But we are human we are flexible enough so if this time can not finish our plan we go again.. Cos AirAsia can make us fly..

Bangkok, the City Of Heaven..

I heard Bangkok is shopping heaven too as like Hong Kong..
But I'm not yet reach there so I have no comment.. Will see then..:)
Other then shopping i got other 2 mission is go pray 4 face Buddha and Go ask Advise from Pei Long Gong.
This is 4 Face Buddha..
This is inside the Temple Of Pei Long Gong... Hope Pei Long Gong can give me some direction...:)