Friday, August 22, 2008


You all Know What? My GF not in town again le...

Last night I send her to airport. On our way to airport happened alot of things. Her flight is 9.45pm. If by normal traffic it will take about 30 minute to reach airport start from Penang Bridge, but last night Penang Bridge is very jam.

By the time we reach bridge is already 8.30pm. Crab!! So we turn back use Ferry. So My Super Car start to be useful..
Very fast we reach terminal Ferry. You know what? Is the same is very very jam. And is already 8.45pm. So i decided to full use of my skill and my super car. I drive back using bridge.
Alot of cornering, and high lighting other car have been done. Its really out of my normal driving style. I know its very dangerous, so im very concentrated. Finally I make it safely to airport by 9.25pm.

Sad thing is she not make it for the flight... this is the service issue of MAS...(I will tell more about this in my next post)...

Luckily Air Asia still have their last flight for her to catch. So i company her and wait till time to check in, I watch her go in... SO....... SO........... SO What??? Freedom LA....:) HaHa... I can do anything now.. What Guys will do when his wife or GF is not around?? What Else... This La... I wait so long, now is the chance... But Remenber to use this. Be a responsible play boy.. This It A MUST..

So today is a very wonderful morning, plus is raining day... If not going any where i Love raining...:) But I need to work. No choice, can not enjoy this Freedom Plus Raining day yet...

By the time I'm ready to go out.. What Happen to my Super Car?????
The tyre Flat....... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stop Fights Before They Start

Conflict happens when one party tries to impose its will on another: "…as one side dictates the feeling to the other, there arises a sort of reciprocal action, which logically must lead to an extreme." Couples tend to fight when one party tries to dictate the law to the other. Disagreements and arguments are normal parts of any relationship, but conflict can also do irreparable damage. And let's face it, when it comes to emotional argumentation, women are tactical geniuses and men are badly outmatched. Some tips to level the battlefield and stop fight before they start.

Use diplomacy:
Recognize first that every fight is effectively a civil war. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is not an enemy combatant and he/she is not your adversary. And, any damage you do to your relationship is ultimately damage that you do to yourself. In the end, you both want the same thing, which is a fulfilling and satisfying relationship with a partner who respects and understands you.

Defuse potential issues:
Women tend to let things simmer, which is not conducive to helping you stop fights before they start. Your partner might let a situation develop for weeks before something (even something completely unrelated) finally triggers an ear-blistering, weekend-ruining outburst. You need to defuse that bomb before it goes off. If she suddenly gets moody or distant, call her on it and find out what's bothering her as soon as you can. Get to the root of her problem before it becomes your problem -- just don’t call it “her” problem.

Look, every relationship requires compromise, but you can't stop fights before they start if you surrender before there’s an issue, which would mean that you’re a complete pushover. Women won't respect a man who doesn't stand up for himself. Don't let her make all the decisions just to avoid "rocking the boat." Constantly deferring to her judgment will only irritate her and make you look weak. If she picks the restaurant, you pick the movie. Got a dinner party at her best friend's place this weekend? Fine. Next weekend the two of you are going camping. Compromise is fine, but make sure you're only giving as much as you're getting. (If she buy a car, but you pay the money….. Never do that…:))

Watch your mouth:
Avoid name-calling at all costs, as it's a surefire way to cause an argument to escalate. Not to mention the fact that it's childish, disrespectful and it will come back to haunt you when you least expect it. It's OK to criticize her behavior, but try to avoid criticizing her character. Steer clear of categorical statements like: "You always do this" or "You're never willing to compromise." If you call her "selfish" or "inconsiderate" in the heat of the moment, she will remember, and you can guarantee she'll bring it up again the next time you have a disagreement. Woman are very sensitive creture..

Plan a preemptive strike:
Women tend to start fights when the men in their lives get lazy. Admit it; there's an inverse correlation between the amount of effort you put into your relationship and the amount of time the two of you have spent together. Guys often do just enough to avoid getting yelled at, but you can stop the yelling before it starts if you take some initiative. Cook her dinner once in a while or plan a romantic getaway and you’ll surely stop fights before they start. It's essential to recognize that this strategy only works proactively.
Contrary to conventional wisdom, sending her candy and flowers won't earn you forgiveness if a fight has already started. You can't buy your way out of an argument, but with a little foresight you might be able to prevent one before it starts.

Tensions will sometimes flare. One of you will cross the line, and the other won't be able to tolerate the encroachment. Use these tips to keep conflict in check; ignore them and you might have to start working on an exit strategy.

It is very important to lay down the ground rules clearly right from day one. But most guys seem to equate tolerating nonsense with romance/chivalry. So they will ultimately pay a super heavy price, LIKE ME LO…:(

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Build Traffic

Traffic = Relationship.

1st of August is my relationship anniversary with my 'GF', but because of 1st of August is on Friday so we decided to celebrate it on Yesterday(Saturday).

So our day started with little fighting over the phone. But me as 'A Man' I stop this fight to grow stronger. (fighting is good for health..)

................ Girls always win in fighting with man.................(Poor Man)

She say she wanted to eat 'Pan Mee' so i bring her to the famous 'Pan Mee' at Bukit Jambul. I order 'Pan Mee, Loh Mai Kai and deep Fried Crab.
This Deep Fried Crab is maded by crab meat, vege, egg, onion to mix together then deep fried. Yam Yam...
This is my favourite 'Loh Mai Kai', I love it very very much. But poor me, my 'GF' Eat more then half then left no more then 1/3 to me..:( she is Cool Blooded Murder.

This is 'Mua Chee', traditional Food. You cant find this at restaurant.

After finish we went to Queensbay Mall. She bought this Sun Glass.
Sun Glass(Realmadrid). RM299. She is so rich..
She bought this sun glass at RM299 USING MY CREDIT CARD, She is So Rich...:(

You must try this Ais Cream. 'Baskin Robbins'
Why its so Smooth??
Mine finish already.. Give me yours.. Fast Fast...

Batman, The Dark Knight.
We watch it with her friends. All her friends is SEXY...:)
My heart beat very fast. I can't Stop my eye on the movie... huh.. Batman..

Dinner we heading to German Restaurant.
Cappuccino: coffee made with heated milk which is serve with a thick mass of bubble and powdered chocolate on the top.

Hungry.. Hungry... Yammi Yammi..:)

This is Homemade Pork Pie.. My 'GF' order this.. The yellow top is potato mix with cheese..:)

Do you like cheese??
She not even finish half, so I scarify my stomach......

Ended Up I full until my mum can't recognise me....

We must Build our relationship well. Must bring your love one
enjoy some good food and spend some quality time with her. We must

appreciate what we have now...

I'm Learning Also....:)