Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Got word but can not express out... Don't know where and who to say out.
Going to blow soon...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Phone Scam- Bank Rakyat.

Phone Scam have been so long in this market, Not just in malaysia.
It have been so popular around the world...

Must aware of this..

This morning i have receive a call from so call "Bank Rakyat"

The chinese guy canll me up. This guy can provide me with all my detail, like

1) my full name,
2) IC no,
3) Add,
4) my other phone no.
With all the detail..... I stop, cos it too scary...
Then the guy say i come the their bank and asking for increase in card limit.

Suddenly i nervous and almost going to tell my other detail...
But since i in Banking line before, so i know a bit of bank prosedure and how bank work.

so i just stop my conversation with him.

And i just tell him i don't have any transaction with this bank.

After that he keep asking am i the name he call, my IC correct?

Later i just say he call up wrong person..

The he just hang up his call.. seem like very rude..

Later i try call back, the phone is always busy.. (where got bank customer phone no always busy???)

So i call up Bank Rakyat..

I found out that recently got alot of this Phone Scam using Bank Rakyat name to call up customer.

According to Bank Rakyat, They alr make police report about this..

So beware of this..

If the phone no is : 03-21698888, Please don't tell anything to him.

If they got call u up, u can check with the bank customer service on your status..

Beware of this no 03-21698888.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gree Apple...

Human is very inteligen animal...:)

Green Apple can be so fresh, even after prosess and add ais cream inside it..

Taste is very like green apple.. crispy also..