Saturday, May 17, 2008

China Earthquake

China Earthquake affected million of people, destroyed million of homes.

I understand that everyone believes in different higher power or it may call as religious freedom. I here by do my little part to help China Earthquake Victims and also The World by doing this. As I believe in KARMA.

Let's Us Give A Moment of Silent to Them.

After this, if you feel to do some charity please do it at your nearest and Trusted Charity Centre. Please Do your Part in this world...

If need any help, you may email me at or leave a comment.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yesterday i saw this Black Monkey at Gurney Drive, Penang. This kind of Monkey is very selldom in Penang. It come to this mamak cafe. and alot of people have been atract by this monkey, some is taken photo, some play around with him, and some scareby him:)

Video Clip of this monkey.

Monkey rest on the fan.

Monkey sit on the table.

Monkey Play around with something.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Headache and Migraine, What Can We Do.

Time go by, our lifestyle keep changing, our health status also change. Headache become more popular to us especially to female. When headache is very painful and suffering, till we can’t focus on what we are doing. It has been very troublesome. In fact in USA alone, 45 million people have reported to have regular headache.

What Causes Headache?
There are many type of headache. We must get correct diagnosis before we can get correct treatment. Many factors can trigger headache, like illness, lifestyle, environments, food and DNA from parent.

Food like nuts, bananas, chocolate, onion, sausage, coffee and tea also trigger headache and migraine.

Type of Headache:

They are many types of headache. To determine it you may try this link:

Way to Relief Headache.

Basically there are 3 way for us to relief headache.
1) Medication help.
2) Breathing and Imagination.
3) Traditional treatment
4) Modern developed product

Medication is looking help from doctor. A good doctor must listen and do multiples approach and diagnosis on you before come out with medicine and treatment. Most important thing before you decides which doctor to help. We must ask about the fee and can your insurance cover. Other, must also ask about treatment plan, how long did it take because most of us is employee.

Imagination and Breathing. Our subconscious is very powerful weapon for human. Your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. Try this, when you headache close your eye, take a deep breath and relax. Then imagine you now in very relaxing place like heaven. Imagine you have a healing hand, then touch your pain part and feel your healing power of your hand. Try to do it few time till you can really feel it.

Traditional Treatment. In this very modern day, a lot of traditional treatment is use to help headache people. Treatment such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation, massage, stretching, homeopathic and type of therapies.

Modern Develop Product. Such as pharmacy self buy medicine, supplementary food, Chinese nutrition food, massage chair and other product.

With all the treatment and advice provided, we must know what is the best for us. Ask for few advices, see our financial ability and with type is suit our lifestyle.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Everyone is Responsible..

Since yesterday so many things happen to me especially have some argument with my dear. Today i can't really focus on my work, i can't have good communication with other.
This happen each time i have argument with my dear, because she is very important to me..

The whole afternoon i have reading..

Every argument that happen to us, most of the time is we do not have good communication or we do not listen or if we listen but other is not telling..
If at least one party is listen this world will have less War, less conflict, less argument, less civil crime. Everyone can stay happy and live longer..

Photoabove, What have u seen?

Some may say the baby is very cute, some will say the artiste is very creative, some will see nothing on it...

This photo is telling us that if we know we are doing things wrong we should change, should start from where we come out..

Please be more caring to people around us, tomorrow they may not here for us to care.
Please don't argue with people, because tomorrow they may not here to argue to us.

Do responsible to everything you do..

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bad day continue...

As last post, bad day not yet over...

some one just call me up and asking for explanation that other people have done...

actually every time when i have an arguement with my dear, my main purpose is to hope we can change to be better couple..but i think the way im doing is wrong..
if someone view this please giv me some advice...

i think is enough for me for today..

Tomorrow will be better day for me and my

Bad day..

Today is my bad day...

Already been few night i not sleep well, last night worst cos i only rest for few hour.
Very pressure as my target for me now is sky high, but i will make...

Early this morning my lunch appointment have been 747....

When i wait my dear in her car, a crazy guy Horn me crazily. i don't why.
Then he come knock at my window n scold me for not move out for him to park but d i did not block d car park..

OK after lunch, my dear say she want go online, so i suggest she come to my office but she don't want and show her face because she want go spend some time & money at ones of the cafe.. But i cant go cos I'm working n need to follow up customer case. end up we not going also.

after 1 hour, i have no mood to work so i thinking of just go find my dear cos just now she like not happy, so i call her.. unfortunately something happen again...
Then we have a very big fight..

Then few minute later, i client call up and complain for something nonsense, luckily after i explain n do some extra service, finally he come down and say thank u too.

The day not yet over, someone call me up to check her April payment on card statement?
after i check, is already pay, but she argue with me that her card statement not show anything. finally i teach her to read her card statement and she only understand that the statement is for march... What the university student and with high salary in factory and is going to work in Singapore soon but DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ A CARD STATEMENT!! what the world...

Still got one and half hour before end of today..
i better go rest early to prevent more bad thing..:(

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life is Beautiful

I Make This Video Is to Motivate All of U...

Life is Beautiful,
Don't Ever Give Up So Easily,


Sunday, May 4, 2008

EVON....earning money using blog..

Thanks to Evon, she is very interested on how to earning money online..


Online business is not easy, it need lot of Research, Interest, Time, and some Luck plus some Modal(compare with traditional business).

Studies have shown at least 90% of the online business is losing money...

But since the modal of online business is not much, you can give a try..



Life is short,

We should be brave to explore for things that suitable to us...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

First day on this project


It take some time for me to get familiar with this platform.
Need to read and try before i can get start it...

Blog is a very fun n power tools for us to express our feeling,
opinion, idea, & blah blah blah blah..... that we can do it on normal life
or we a not recognize by other...

But i have found out that people do use blog to earn for living.
Income is unexpected.:)

For politiction, they do use blog to strengthen their position.

To be continue...