Friday, May 9, 2008

Everyone is Responsible..

Since yesterday so many things happen to me especially have some argument with my dear. Today i can't really focus on my work, i can't have good communication with other.
This happen each time i have argument with my dear, because she is very important to me..

The whole afternoon i have reading..

Every argument that happen to us, most of the time is we do not have good communication or we do not listen or if we listen but other is not telling..
If at least one party is listen this world will have less War, less conflict, less argument, less civil crime. Everyone can stay happy and live longer..

Photoabove, What have u seen?

Some may say the baby is very cute, some will say the artiste is very creative, some will see nothing on it...

This photo is telling us that if we know we are doing things wrong we should change, should start from where we come out..

Please be more caring to people around us, tomorrow they may not here for us to care.
Please don't argue with people, because tomorrow they may not here to argue to us.

Do responsible to everything you do..