Tuesday, June 2, 2009

For Those Who Love TO Save The World

Money isn’t the only thing we can save.

The amazing thing we’ve discovered is that even in difficult times, people still find energy to care about something beyond themselves. For some people it’s children. For others it’s the planet.

DIGI is try to raise RM150,000 in 30day for donation.

All You need to do is Click.

You Click To save, Digi Pay The Money.

Thank you for save..:)


Diet Menu said...

Nice Blog as i actually want to save the world but i think i am unable to do this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diet Menu,
Do believe that nothing is unable, if we do a heart and passion to do something :)

DarrenNg said...

Save the world is all our responsibilities. Hope you could share the matter to save the world. We will try to do it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diet Manu, Why U can not do it?? Its just a click then DIGI Company will pay donate the money out.. Anyhow I love what the big company do, after they have earn big they donate it out for the world..

Anonymous said...

This DIGI really got alot of money. We do donation they pay money.. good. One Day i be like them too..:)