Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Man is Always Poor..

Today many incidents happen. I have never been so tension plus aggressive plus angry plus hungry plus disappointed plus worry… I not sure today is good day or bad day for me.

Last night I have not sleep well, because of I dream of my job very difficult. As a property consultant I need to go to a house surrounded by river and the river is full of crocodile. I need to cross the river to enter the house, but there is no boat, no bridge. So I have to cross by swim over. There are a lot of crocodiles. I’m very scare and it’s dark and no light too. The crocodile is attack me, and I no good in swimming. The whole night I have been in this situation. Very tire when wakeup. Who is good in people dream? Who can tell me what is this mean?

Later in morning, I received many miscall in my phone when I on my phone. Not sure is who call me. I did reply some call. I found out that my client is going to admit in hospital. So I help them to arrange and help them to check what document needs to claim and so on.

After I settle I help them, a call come in ask about the car wanted for sell. I not just property consultant, and financial consultant I also know how to help people sell their car for high price and buy for lower price. Mean I can help people in many ways, as long as they trust me. But with all the skill and network I have I still not earning enough to support my daily commitments and expenses. I really need someone can give me a chance to do my own business. I not belong to higher class. I think very different from most of the people. I can see many things that people not see. U can say if I with all this benefit I should be very famous. But the thing is that I now don’t have any real good or outstanding result. Hence whatever I say or advise I give people only say what proof I have and why should I listen to u. This is what people say: “Crazy Man Talking”.

Then alter about 11am, my friend from Sabah call me up. They in Penang for few day, I have bring them few place and bring them to eat good food in Penang. Today they will flight to KL, so I bring them go buy some local famous biscuits “Him Heong”. They not so satisfied because they newly product from “him Heong- Kam Pei Chui” is not ready yet. So they only get the original favors. However I think they will like it because it’s really delicious. YamYam..

Penang things finish, so I rush to Butterworth. When the time I reach ferry I saw my friend car driving by other people. I have no second though, I sms my friend. Then he realizes his car is missing. He gone panic and ask me to stop his car. I help him to stop his car by asking the ferry office help. The ferry office is very helpful, they help me to call port police. When reach jetty all vehicle not allow to go out. All is waiting for port police to come. Now I have seen the other side of human. They keep horning, because ferry reach jetty but not allow to go down. Especially 1 uncle driving a Korean car No plate is PFW2111. He is the first 1 horning, and later when he about to go down he shout at me and scold me because of I’m helping my friend to make a report. Am I wrong? U thinks what should we do to thing kind of people if we have the power of judgments? But this world is like this, all this kind of people is rich and power and they like to bully people. What the world??? Who can answer me???

Now police came and ask me and the guy (who drive my friend car) go out and wait outside. Before my friend come, the guy come and shout at me. I have done nothing wrong. I don’t know why I just let the guy done such thing to me. I just keep quiet and say “the owner is coming, you talk to him”.

In about 15minute my friend reach, now we all follow the port police to the police station. I have no comment on how police work, but one thing for sure is the guy got bank letter to take my friend car. They break in my friend car but did not go make police report.

By law before you break in people car you have to make police report first, even you have the letter from bank.

Another very funny thing is the police call to check about the report make by the car theft take about more than an hour to check. It’s like giving the theft time to make a report. Just a call they can check about the report, why take so long.???? Or they try to cover or protect something??? Who got this kind of experience???

Later the theft boss comes. He is really a mafia. He parks his car in the middle of the road. Even the lady police office already told him to move his car but he still ignore and just walk in the police station. You think this guy already break how many law?? Why he still outside free and do such dirty things and make so many dirty money??? Why??? Why??? Why???

In this case who should be responsible? Parents?? The couture?? People who lead the country?? The world?? Or the money??

Later back to office saw everyone is very busy rushing for something. Normally when we rush to do something we will make a lot of mistake. The mistake will be later cover by someone else or it might spend more time to correct it. Why not start early if you know you got many thing in hand need to be finish by end of the day. But I admit this is human nature, LAZY and DO LAST MINUTE WORK. Because all this human nature, our world now is in suffer. All the vehicle, gas, cut tree open jungle, oil and other. Hence our world now is in great danger like Terminator. After so long talking about this, who is the last person do cover their mistake? IS ME. IS ME who help them send all the document, so I need to check before send out.

Later at night I help my bro to sell his car. It’s not according to plan. Wanted to sell at RM8K but end up only RM6.8K. SO I earn nothing again, and just do extra work and spend extra for my petrol.

On my way go back, my GF call me. And I just share what is happen to me today. Things gone wrong, she close my phone and very angry with me.... What happen here is sensored.. sorry cannot talk bad about this part...

Today is really an experience day in my history. Good things is today I really help a lot of people, but bad things is my kindness is not appreciated because my financial or my job is not stable and cannot support my current situation but still I do so many charity work. I love to help people, but the thing is I don’t have the power or money to let me do this… this is my nature, only if God see me and give me some power I will sure help more people. I need more income… help…


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your sad story. God will see every action we do. Good things will come to u soon..

Anonymous said...

believe in positive return and u will get it for sure!

Anonymous said...

You really had a very rough and tough day. Nice guys/gals always finish last. Don't worry, life goes on. There will be better days ahead. Be cool.

ying zi said...

Well,you certainly did the right thing. I enjoyed myself in penang of course,day 3-5 coming up soon :D
And i've tried the bakery that you were talking about,it was delicious! No snake temple for me though,only siam temple.