Saturday, August 2, 2008

Build Traffic

Traffic = Relationship.

1st of August is my relationship anniversary with my 'GF', but because of 1st of August is on Friday so we decided to celebrate it on Yesterday(Saturday).

So our day started with little fighting over the phone. But me as 'A Man' I stop this fight to grow stronger. (fighting is good for health..)

................ Girls always win in fighting with man.................(Poor Man)

She say she wanted to eat 'Pan Mee' so i bring her to the famous 'Pan Mee' at Bukit Jambul. I order 'Pan Mee, Loh Mai Kai and deep Fried Crab.
This Deep Fried Crab is maded by crab meat, vege, egg, onion to mix together then deep fried. Yam Yam...
This is my favourite 'Loh Mai Kai', I love it very very much. But poor me, my 'GF' Eat more then half then left no more then 1/3 to me..:( she is Cool Blooded Murder.

This is 'Mua Chee', traditional Food. You cant find this at restaurant.

After finish we went to Queensbay Mall. She bought this Sun Glass.
Sun Glass(Realmadrid). RM299. She is so rich..
She bought this sun glass at RM299 USING MY CREDIT CARD, She is So Rich...:(

You must try this Ais Cream. 'Baskin Robbins'
Why its so Smooth??
Mine finish already.. Give me yours.. Fast Fast...

Batman, The Dark Knight.
We watch it with her friends. All her friends is SEXY...:)
My heart beat very fast. I can't Stop my eye on the movie... huh.. Batman..

Dinner we heading to German Restaurant.
Cappuccino: coffee made with heated milk which is serve with a thick mass of bubble and powdered chocolate on the top.

Hungry.. Hungry... Yammi Yammi..:)

This is Homemade Pork Pie.. My 'GF' order this.. The yellow top is potato mix with cheese..:)

Do you like cheese??
She not even finish half, so I scarify my stomach......

Ended Up I full until my mum can't recognise me....

We must Build our relationship well. Must bring your love one
enjoy some good food and spend some quality time with her. We must

appreciate what we have now...

I'm Learning Also....:)


Footyman said...

Thanks for the Muah Chee pic, it reminds me I havent had one for ages!!Will look for one tmrw!

4udiary said...

Thank for your comment. Hope you can find a MUAR CHEE Tomorrow... Good Luck..:)