Friday, July 4, 2008

Raining Day.

Saturday Morning, 7am (very early to us, most is not wakeup yet). It’s a raining day… I hope I can sleep late especially in this raining Saturday. First thing before I open my eye I think of how to convince my clients…. Head Big (in Hock Kean language).

Luckily I have cheer up by Schassburg's joke at . TQ..:)

Outside air is very fresh. Together with cool, rain water and plus rubbish car. I still feel something is missing. What is that….. OH..My is at Bangkok, No wonder I feel something missing.

Haha She not here.. Yeah...:) I can go out “Curi Makan” hahaha…. Must do it before she come back..:)
Guy Remembers to Lap your mouth after “Curi Makan”..:)



魔羯女 said...

thanks very much Gilbert.=)
it does cheer me up!!! XD 

Reena said...

I don't really understand of "Curi Makan"... is it real food or the women you meant? Anyway, you're right on one thing... family comes first.

Titania Starlight said...

I really like your blog. Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. I saw that you have been to a spa where they have Doctor Fish. I never knew ther ws such a thing until last week. There is a game show here in the states called, "I survived a Japanese Game Show". The winner won a day pass to a spa and there they were treated to a sand bath and the Doctor Fish.

It looks like they tickle. :O)

4udiary said...

HaHa.. Thank for comment. "Curi Makan" It can mean real food and also women, it depend on how you look it it..:)

Maria said...

Very funny post. This blog is always fun to read!

Anonymous said...

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