Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bad day..

Today is my bad day...

Already been few night i not sleep well, last night worst cos i only rest for few hour.
Very pressure as my target for me now is sky high, but i will make...

Early this morning my lunch appointment have been 747....

When i wait my dear in her car, a crazy guy Horn me crazily. i don't why.
Then he come knock at my window n scold me for not move out for him to park but d i did not block d car park..

OK after lunch, my dear say she want go online, so i suggest she come to my office but she don't want and show her face because she want go spend some time & money at ones of the cafe.. But i cant go cos I'm working n need to follow up customer case. end up we not going also.

after 1 hour, i have no mood to work so i thinking of just go find my dear cos just now she like not happy, so i call her.. unfortunately something happen again...
Then we have a very big fight..

Then few minute later, i client call up and complain for something nonsense, luckily after i explain n do some extra service, finally he come down and say thank u too.

The day not yet over, someone call me up to check her April payment on card statement?
after i check, is already pay, but she argue with me that her card statement not show anything. finally i teach her to read her card statement and she only understand that the statement is for march... What the university student and with high salary in factory and is going to work in Singapore soon but DON'T KNOW HOW TO READ A CARD STATEMENT!! what the world...

Still got one and half hour before end of today..
i better go rest early to prevent more bad thing..:(